Chico Bag Fundraiser

Shrewsbury Middle School PTO is offering a fundraiser just in time for the town wide use bag ban starting on July 1st, in which stores in Shrewsbury will not be able to offer single use plastic shopping bags, to help create a cleaner and greener Shrewsbury. Families are encouraged to use reusable shopping bags; to help SMS PTO is partnering with Chico Bag to provide sustainable bags and products for shopping, school and home use. Everyone ends up a winner, you get well made sustainable bags, the SMS PTO gets funds to provide enrichment and the town has less waste and litter. Chico Bag order forms can be returned to the school by April 24, please make checks payable to Shrewsbury MS PTO. The orders will arrive the middle of May. The bags make great end of school, graduation and thank you gifts. For more info please contact Missy Hollenback 508/284-7314 or For more info about Chico Bag products please see


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