Greetings from the Shrewsbury Middle School PTO!

With the new school year fast approaching we would like to introduce ourselves and remind all parents and caregivers that having a student at Sherwood and/or Oak means that you are already a member of our PTO. We understand that schedules are bursting and life is busy. There are opportunities to support the PTO with varying time commitments and we look forward to making it easy to participate throughout the year. The current board for the 2015-2016 school year is listed below. We welcome your thoughts and feedback via email anytime!

Beth Casavant- President, Sherwood

Beth Casavant- President, Oak

Norma Mendilian- Treasurer

Danielle Wolfus-Secretary, Sherwood

Polyxane Mertzanis- Secretary, Oak

Martha Pierson-Volunteer Coordinator

Erin Ryan-School Council Liaison, Sherwood

Bretta Karp-School Council Liaison, Oak

We are currently looking for parents to shadow the current board to learn about the different roles and prepare for a transition to a new board at the end of the school year. If you would like more information please contact Beth Casavant

Please join us for our meetings to learn more about upcoming events and fundraisers, understand how funds are being used at Sherwood and Oak, and get an update from Dr. Lizotte and Dr. Jones. Meetings will be held from 7-8pm on the following Mondays in the Oak Middle School Media Center:


Proposed Meeting Dates: October 30th, November 27th, January 8th, February 26th, April 9th, May 21st


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